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A little bit about me, I'm in my early twenties from East Sussex, England and have recently graduated with a Psychology degree from University. I've started my blog purely because I wanted a place where I could use my knowledge to connect with people and share my experiences with those who have similar interests as me. I'll be sharing my thoughts and talking about my 3 favourite things; travel, beauty and fashion. I hope by my blogs, you’ll enjoy reading what I have to share and maybe become inspired yourself.

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What To Expect

I love to travel.  There's nothing more exciting than packing a bag full of things that I probably won't need, getting on an airplane and starting a new chapter of adventures. I'll be including tips I found useful, my reviews and experiences.

I'm very much into fashion and make up; following trends religiously and spotting what's hot for the upcoming season. I've developed an obsession with make up, and I love testing different products and seeing how they work with me.

Finally onto fashion. I absolutely love shopping and continuously do so, to the point now I'm having to compromise, by selling my slightly older clothes on eBay to make room for the new - I suppose you can call it wardrobe management. I'll be posting my recent items, and outfits and individual styles I find inspiring. 

Anastasia xo


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