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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Light Up Your Lipgloss

Famous x

When you're having a bad day or feeling dull, adding colour to your face can really help cheer up your mood. Yes all girls are naturally beautiful, but make up makes us feel attractive and helps boost our self esteem. When I find myself in a rush (most days), I will never leave the house without applying some lippie. A good lipgloss/lipstick can really give us that confidence we need, even if you have just applied a small amount of make up. The colours we choose to wear on a daily basis usually portrays what kind of mood were in. For instance, I'll wear red when I'm feeling confident! With Sue Moxley's collection of lipglosses, there's different colours to choose from.

Top to Bottom(Babe, Feisty and Bombshell)

Sue Moxley's gorgeous SpotLight Lipglosses come in four different shades:

Babe = Nude
Feisty - Bright Pink
Bombshell - Soft Pink
Hot - Red

All lipglosses come in a glass tube container, and are equipped with a handy mirror attached to the side, making it easy for when you're on the go. The Spot Light Lipglosses smell amazing and apply smoothly over your lips, locking in moisture to keep them soft throughout the day.

What I love the most about these products is that they light up! They're the perfect solution if you find yourself in a room with bad lighting, or if you're out partying with your friends. It saves time and so much effort not having to pop to the ladies or rummage through your bag just to find a mirror. There's been plenty of times where I've had to use my phone as a torch, whilst holding a mirror and trying to apply a lipstick. Nightmare! These glosses are just so handy. I tested the lighting on one of them, and even in a pitch black room, you could clearly apply your make up. I mean really, who needs a torch these days when you've got lipgloss!

The three shades I currently have are Babe(Nude), Bombshell (Soft Pink) and Feisty ( Bright Pink).

All lipgloss/lipstick shades in the world contrast slightly between people because of the different types of skin tones. I'm such a huge fan of nudes so I was really excited to try Babe.  Against my tanned skin, Babe appears as a gorgeous nude with a slight hint of pink. I find this colour really compliments my whole make up and is a perfect match for a smokey eyed look. This colour really suits women with light-medium skin tones. I've tried this colour on girls with this skin tone and it came out a really nice bold nude.

I've never been much for pink but as soon as spring season started, I've been reaching for my rosy-hued tones more and more. When I've created a dewy finish with light eyeshadows, I'm always grabbing the colour Bombshell and applying it the middle of my lips to complete the look. Using a light colour as well as a gloss with a shine finish, this automatically makes your lips look plumper.

As for Feisty, this colour is so pretty and pigmented, I'm absolutely in love with it. It comes up as an amazing dark pink on me and is perfect for making a bold statement.

These products can be worn on their own or over a lipstick. I usually outline my lips with a liner to define them before applying the gloss all over. To create a more plumper look, I apply a darker shade of lipstick on the outer part of my lips and then fill in the inner middle using the lipgloss. By using a lighter shade of lipgloss I'm highlighting my lips creating an ombre effect, making them look fuller.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the products and the quality of them. I'll be sure to in include them with more make up looks in the future.

If you've enjoyed my blog and want to check out the products, I've link you the Sue Moxley's Beauty website below

Thanks for reading
Anastasia x


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