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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Pre Holiday Packing

Exciting news! I'm adventuring on a 4-week holiday to the beautiful Thailand. The weather out there is scorching hot at the moment, so I have posted a blog of a list of items I’ll be making sure to take with me on my trip. All the items I’ll be writing about are products I find good for my skin in hot environments and also make up that works well for me whilst away.

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Spray Oil

If you're travelling to places where the sun is out, you must always pack sunscreen. I actually use to think not putting on sun protection would make me tan better and quicker, which of course was certainly NOT TRUE! The Hawaiian Tropic spray is a trusty sun protective oil guarding your skin from any harmful UV damage and also helps to achieve that beautiful bronze tan. What I love most about this product is it smells gorgeous and really makes you feel like you’re on an exotic holiday, plus its water resistant so you don’t have worry too much going in and out the sea.

Body Shop Mango Body Butter

 My skin is always in need of some TLC, especially after spending a day in and out the sea at the beach. I love this product; it’s extra hydrating on the skin and it smells so yummy - Mango is definitely my favourite. I apply this product after a shower to rehydrate my skin focusing mostly on my elbow and knees. I don’t apply too much anywhere else, as it’s a moisturiser, it can start to get really sticky on your skin in the humid weather. 

Origin Mega Bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser

I cannot praise this product more. This is my holy grail to skincare. It's important to cleanse away any dead skin or dirt off your face especially when your face is exposed to all kinds of things. I use this twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. It really helps to even out my skin tone, brighten up my face and wash away any dull and darkening patches. I've been using this brand for a while now and my skin stays clear and smooth because of it.

Body Shop All in One BB Cream

This is my life. Going to a hot country I can never wear too much product on my face as the heat rubs off all my makeup. This cream not only moisturises your skin for 24 hours but it adapts to your skin tone when applied. The shade 2 suits me perfectly. It’s lightweight and the product smoothly covers over my uneven skin tone giving me a glowing but a very natural look.

Mac Charge Water

On holiday, I try to minimise wearing make up as much as possible to give my skin time to breathe. My face is usually so much whiter than my neck and body, so I find the hot weather helps me face achieve a healthy and warm glow. However. when I do need to put make up on, I make sure it stays nice and fresh by using the Mac Charge Water. After some hours of first applying make up, I notice my face needs reapplication as it starts to wear off. To help me do this without actually using any make up, I simply spray the Charge Water all over my face which helps to awaken my skin and refresh my make up as if I had just applied it. It's perfect in the summer if you don't want to use a heavy face moisturiser, and want a light product that refreshes and re hydrates without your skin feeling sticky.

Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drop 

The struggle is real when you’re trying to match your regular foundation to your skin after tanning on holiday. Girls if you can’t justify buying a new darker foundation that will probably just sit in your makeup box until the next holiday, I’ve found something to save you from it. However, before I get everyone’s hopes up, I would advise this product is only used by girls who tan or have tan to deep skin as this shade is dark and would not mix well with a lighter foundation. All you need is a teeny tiny drop to be mixed into your regular foundation, and voila you’ve created a darker shade.

Always make sure you’re prepared before holiday. Your skin is very important to you and so are the products you put onto your skin. If you have any products you like taking away with you, please make sure to let me know.

Happy Holidays!
Anastasia xo

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  1. Your blog is so informative ! Thanks for all of the fabulous in depth product advice . Looking forward to seeing your holiday pictures in your next blog .


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