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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Pre Holiday Packing

Exciting news! I'm adventuring on a 4-week holiday to the beautiful Thailand. The weather out there is scorching hot at the moment, so I have posted a blog of a list of items I’ll be making sure to take with me on my trip. All the items I’ll be writing about are products I find good for my skin in hot environments and also make up that works well for me whilst away.

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Spray Oil

If you're travelling to places where the sun is out, you must always pack sunscreen. I actually use to think not putting on sun protection would make me tan better and quicker, which of course was certainly NOT TRUE! The Hawaiian Tropic spray is a trusty sun protective oil guarding your skin from any harmful UV damage and also helps to achieve that beautiful bronze tan. What I love most about this product is it smells gorgeous and really makes you feel like you’re on an exotic holiday, plus its water resistant so you don’t have worry too much going in and out the sea.

Body Shop Mango Body Butter

 My skin is always in need of some TLC, especially after spending a day in and out the sea at the beach. I love this product; it’s extra hydrating on the skin and it smells so yummy - Mango is definitely my favourite. I apply this product after a shower to rehydrate my skin focusing mostly on my elbow and knees. I don’t apply too much anywhere else, as it’s a moisturiser, it can start to get really sticky on your skin in the humid weather. 

Origin Mega Bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser


Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dinner For Two At Hotel Du Vin

Apologies, this post is delayed, but I finally decided to post about my evening and what I wore on Valentine's Day! My boyfriend had booked us a table at the beautiful Hotel Du Vin & Bistro for dinner in Brighton. When we arrived at the restaurant, there were red rose petals laid out across the tables and candles lit up all around the room. When we sat down, we were presented with our bottle of Veuve and straight away I knew I would love this place. In the past at certain restaurants, I find myself awkwardly trying to catch a waiter's attention for what seems to be a lifetime, but here we never felt like we had to wait. Our food came out in efficient timing and the staff were always attentive to us. For starters I had my favourite food; mussels in white wine followed by a ribeye steak with peppercorn sauce for my main course yum!. The service they provided was professional and the waiter's were incredibly friendly and considerate. Even when it was reaching closing time, the staff were adament we took our time and continued to enjoy ourselves! 

Outstanding food is extremely important to get the customers to come back but the service is what makes their time there memorable

Make Up - Lipstick 

I wore my favourite bright red LOreal lipstick for the evening. I was given this lipstick as a present and to be honest I haven't found a red lippie that I prefer more! It applies on really smoothly with a creamy yet matte texture. Unlike some lipsticks that can leave your lips looking cracked and feeling dry, this LOreal red locks in the moisture keeping it hydrated and smooth. What I love about it, is not only is it an amazing stand out red, but the colour stays on forever. As girls going out for dinner, we find ourselves topping up our lippie a few too many times and even worry how we eat to prevent the colour from smudging or rubbing off! I love wearing it when I go out for the evening as it lasts throughout the whole night. This is by far my favourite red lipstick and I find this colour really is matches well for all skin tones.

For my outfit I wore this gorgeous dress from Boohoo. A plain black bodycon dress with sleeves that rested just off the shoulders. I wanted to wear something sophisticated with a fuller length, but also an outfit that was appealing as it was Valentine's Day. After hours of searching, this one was perfect! Anytime I go out for dinner I try to make sure I wear dark colours or at least a floaty top. I love my food and I really am one of those girls that likes eating a hell of alot, so I went for a black colour just to hide the food baby I'd be carrying around with me after! To finish off this look, I put on some classic black pointy shoes with a glossy finish.
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