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Friday, 22 January 2016

A Morning In New York

In November I went on an exciting trip to New York. I've always wanted to travel to the Big Apple and as a birthday present from my boyfriend I got tickets to go! Having seen Home Alone, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City etc. it was everything I'd expected to be and more. 

Empire State Building


We stayed at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway, a hotel only a short distance walk to the Empire State Building. Luckily we were jetlagged 5 hours behind UK time, so we were wide awake at that time in the morning. Once we were ready at 07:55, we started to walk towards the Empire State and after a short 5-7 minutes later we had reached the entrance. The best part about it was, there were no queues! Usually to get up to one of the 2 observation decks you need to line up in three queues, unless you've pre-booked your ticket then it's just the two; one for security and one for the lift. We walked freely zigzagging through the non existent queue lines, passing through security and purchasing our tickets. Tickets were selling for the 86th floor or a ticket for both 86th and 102nd -the highest deck in the building. We had time to read the history and take pictures before adventuring on a short lift ride to the 86th floor. The sky was clear and the air was cold but refreshing. Looking north you could see Central Park and south you were looking towards Soho and Lady Liberty. We then went up even higher to floor number 102. The deck up the top was small and you looked out over New York City through a glass window. I could officially say I had been to the top of the Empire State Building! When visiting, if you prefer a deck with less crowds, then the 102 floor is right for you however I personally liked being outside on the 86th floor so therefore buying the ticket for the top floor wasn't necessary. Just after 9:00 we made our way back down and noticed the queues forming for the lift. I really would encourage anyone visiting the Empire State to go as early as possible to avoid hours of waiting and also it'll save you time to do other things with your day. If you want to avoid queues and see New York lit up at night, then the later you get there the better - the building is open until 2am!

Grand Central Station and Pershing Square


The best form of transport I found was walking. It beats spending long periods of time in traffic and the best thing is, it's free! Just make sure you take a good pair of comfy shoes with you, there's nothing worse than cut ankles and painful squishy toes. We walked about 15 minutes to Grand Central station and it was absolutely amazing. Also if you get a chance to visit Grand Central in the morning make sure you have breakfast at the Pershing Square, you can find it directly opposite the station entrance under the flyover. It claims to be the best breakfast in New York and I couldn't argue with that!

Central Park

Autumn in New York


There's different types of transport to get you around Central Park. You could ride a bike, join a bike tour or even hop on a horse and carriage. For me I was happy walking just because everything's at your own pace and there's no restricted pathways so you could literally venture anywhere. One of our missions was to find the Balto sleigh dog statue. I remember watching the cartoon back in the day so I was more than determined to find it! It only took us about 40 minutes...with a map and some help!

Also if you're a Gossip Girl fanatic like me, walk up to the Met Steps where Blair, Serena and the girls used to sit and have their lunch break. If you're looking north towards the Upper East Side, it's on the right hand side of the park facing the street. xoxo 

Apple Store


The last part of our morning we visited the Apple flagship store on 5th Avenue opposite the Plaza Hotel. It's built in the form of a large glass cube and the actual store is located underground! To get to the shop floor, you can either walk down or take the glass lift to the lower level. If you're thinking of buying anything Apple, America really is the best place to get it from - I saved £40 on a pair of Dr Dre beats headphones buying it from there but also bare in mind that the taxes aren't included when looking at the price label.

Overall we had a exciting and productive morning on a sunny but chilly day.  Until next time NY!

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